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Ezekiel the Prophet

This color pencil drawing of Ezekiel the Prophet from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel fresco is something that I attempted very long ago (in early 90’s) and left it unfinished until a few days ago. I pretty much finished the entire drawing except the hands of the angel behind the main figure, Ezekiel. Recently I went through my old drawings and spotted this one. The moment I saw this picture I immediately fell in love with it but regretted for not having finished it long ago. Now that I lost the reference picture that I started with back then I tried my imagination to paint the unfinished hands…the difference in the color shading of the hands and the rest of the body is too noticeable. Also, I must have used a felt pen to highlight the hair and the face…not sure what motivated me to use such a completely different medium with the color pencils at that time.¬† By doing so I nearly spoiled a decent drawing which would have been otherwise. Your comments are welcome.


The Legends Series: Marilyn Monroe

As I mentioned before “The Legends” series is on! This week I spent some time to do a sketch of the all-time favourite beauty and the living legend in our memory none other than Marilyn Monroe. I must have spent nearly 7 to 8 hours as I have started doing this middle of the week. It is surely one of the difficult portraits that I sketched so far as I had to give lot of attention to her hair and particularly the jeweleries necklace & ear rings…still am not fully satisfied with how she turned out on my sketch…maybe another time!! She was truly a stunning creation of God and never stopped admiring every bit of her facial contours as I recreated her on the drawing paper.

The work is in progress…pretty much done and yet to be signed and dated ūüėģ

…and ready to be scanned and posted on the blog.

Tintoretto – A Self Portrait

A painting of Tintoretto’s self-portrait appeared on an art journal got my attention and the result is the sketch posted here. Once again this was sketched long ago, I believe it was back in the early 90’s. The medium used was 2B and 4B charcoal pencils on a standard drawing paper, nothing special.

Who is Tintoretto? He was one of the famous Venitian painters belonged to the renaissance period (around 15th-16th century). His actual name was Jacopo Comin but he was known under his nickname Tintoretto. The name derived from his father’s profession, he was a dyer (tintor) and Jacobo being his son and they called him little dyer or tintoretto (in Italian). Actually, Tintoretto was the eldest of the 21 children to his parents…interesting agh?

“The Maestro”

Ilaiyaraaja or lovingly referred to as “Raaja” by his ardent fans is a unanimous name in the Indian film music industry and uttering his name is like a holy mantra among the fans across the globe. He is a veteran music director and known to his fans by numerous well-earned titles like Isaignani (the savant of music), the Beethoven of South India and of course the most honorary title “The Maestro”.

He made entry to the South Indian film industry in 1976 by composing the songs and background score for the Tamil film, “Annakkizhi” and since then he must have composed background scores for nearly 900 movies apart from composing well over 4500 songs in a career spanning over three decades. He is one of the most prolific and well sought-after music composers of our time. His music reached wide across the audience from all walks of life.

Raaja’s technique of musical composition is trendsetting and unique in every situation. He is indeed a true Maestro in introducing western musical nuances into songs at the same time his compositions of folk song melodies are very popular and most of them became instant hits before they even released to the screens. He mainly concentrated in the western classical music before he attained the status of a composer, nevertheless the depth of his knowledge in Indian classical music and particularly in the carnatic music is unfathomable. This is so evident from the selection of ragas he uses for his compositions and it speaks volumes only. The spectrum of ragas in his compositions ranges from Aarabhi to Yaman Kalyani and needless to say he has a few of his favourites too including Keeravani, Sindhu Bhairavi, Shankarabharanam, Sudhadhanyasi, Mohanam and Shivaranjani which he often uses to compose his refreshing and captivating melodies.

Apart from Tamil, he has composed music in almost all the popular Indian languages including Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada. He won not once but three times the National Film Award for Best Music Direction for his works in the movies Saagara Sangamam (Telugu, 1984), Sindhu Bhairavi (Tamil, 1986) and Rudhraveena (Telugu, 1989). Although his immense popularity in the music world and the amount of work he contributed to the music industry is incomparable he is still not so lucky to be honoured by the western world with a well deserving milestone and the most-talked about award “Oscar” yet! However, it is interesting to note that his prodigy and one time keyboard player in his group, AR Rahman won the Oscar not once but twice for his work in the movie, Slumdog Millionaire.

Ilaiyaraaja’s contribution to the music is beyond film industry.¬† He is the first Indian who has written a western classical symphony and also he is the first asian to perform his symphony in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London.

Needless to say, Raaja’s music is immortal and will he heard over many generations to come .

I drew this sketch in the late 80’s not sure of the exact date and would like to share with you. Sketched using charcoal pencils on drawing paper.

These are some of my favourite songs by the Maestro and hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do.Song: Lalitha Priya Kamalam  Raga: Lalitha  Movie: Rudhraveena  Language: Telugu  Singers: K.J. Yesudas, K.S. Chitra

Song: Kunnathe Konnaykkum  Raga: Kadhanakuthoogalam  Movie: Pazhassi Raja  Language: Malayalam  Singer: K.S. Chitra

Song: Mogam Ennum Theeyil  Raga: Kanakangi  Movie: Sindhu Bhairavi  Language: Tamil  Singer: K.J. Yesudas

Song: Bhaatein Hawa Hai  Raga: Shangarabharanam  Movie: Cheeni Kum  Language: Hindi  Singers: Shreya Goshal, Amitabh Bachchan

Finally, let’s hear what the celebrities say about the Maestro and his work of art.

The Legends Series: Audrey Hepburn

I am back to one of my old time favourite hobbies, sketching…something that I enjoyed doing from my childhood. The last sketch I did was almost 20 years ago but the desire to get back to it was always there as I found out today. My long time wish to do a sketch of Audrey Hepburn, one of the legendary stars of yester years was finally fulfilled… but this wasn’t something that I planned to do it today. I saw this image of Hepburn as I was checking out the well-known photographer, Yousuf Karsh on the net. Needless to say that Karsh was a big time photographer and he took some incredible portraits of prominent figures from all walks of life. The list is too long but it is worthy to mention a few here. Einstein, Churchill, Mother Teresa, Queen Elizabeth II, Bernard Shaw, Ernest Hemingway and many more were captured with his camera nonetheless the Hepburn’s photo is one of his favourites. It is interesting to note what Karsh commented on Hepburn, “The French novelist Colette picked her out of a ballet lineup to play Gigi on stage, and her career was launched. When I photographed her in Hollywood and commented on her quality of sophisticated vulnerability, she told me of her harrowing experiences during the Second World War. Years later, in the Kremlin, Chairman Brezhnev agreed to sit for me only if I made him as beautiful as Audrey Hepburn.”

I think I’m kind of pleased with the sketch that I accomplished after such a long break, what do you think?

I am planning to do more sketches of stars under the series “The Legends” and hope I could find some spare time to do so. This sketch took me about 4-5 hours. Sketched with HB, 2B and 3B graphite pencils on Acid free 110GSM paper. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and your comments are most welcome.

Maha Kavi

This is my depiction of the Great Poet “Maha Kavi” Subramanya Bharathiyar (1882-1921). Sketched with HB & water color pencils on Acid free 110 GSM drawing paper and framed with Photoshop.

Bharathiyar was not just a poet. He was a nationalist to the core and a revolutionary who raised a strong tirade against social injustice. At the same time he was a strong believer in hindu religion and a great humanitarian. He was an important figure in the early periods of freedom struggle that originated from Tamil Nadu, the southern state of India. With high-spirited and having consumed thirst for freedom, he made a valiant attempt against the British India to inspire the Indian masses through his most provocative and prolific writings. His extraordinary and unequaled power of writing poems, particularly patriotic songs, nurtured the spirit of nationalism among the people and motivated them to jump into the freedom struggle.

Having consumed thirst for freedom he sings:
Entru thaniyum intha sudhanthira thaagam? (when will our thirst for freedom be quenched?)
Entru madiyum engal adimayin mogam? (when will the madness of our slavery die?)
Entru emadhu annai kai vilangugal pogum? (when will the shackles of our mother break?)
Entru emadhu inalgal theerndhu poi aagum? (when will our struggles cease?)